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Relationship University

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Product Description

Relationships are a fundamental part of human life. Having far-reaching effects on a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, relationships should not be taken lightly. Yet not many people understand the principles that govern successful relationships because these principles are rarely taught in the light of God's Word.

To help you and the ones you love discover the truth about healthy, godly relationships, Charis Bible College has created the Charis Relationship University box-set curriculum!

The Relationship University curriculum is designed for either individual or group study. It is made up of forty-eight online video lessons and six Q&A panel discussions across multiple topics, such as:

- The Need for Love and Relationships
- Freedom from the Past
- Character Traits of Toxic and Healthy Relationships
- Successfully Single
- Dating vs. Courtship
- Love and Priorities in Marriage
- What Wives Want and What Husbands Need
- God’s Vision for Families
- Parenting
- Leaving a Family Legacy
- And more!

Charis Relationship University is an attractive multimedia box-set curriculum. It includes three workbooks, an audio USB drive, and access to an online course platform, which means it's available to you in written, audio, and video formats.
- The three workbooksExpect, Experience, and Empower—contain corresponding written material for the video lessons. Each workbook features:
- Video Lesson Outlines
- Review Questions
- Points to Ponder
- Self-Examination Questions
- Action Steps
- Scriptures

- The USB drive contains audio recordings of all the video lessons, which allows you the convenience of listening to the teachings on a variety of devices.
- The online course platform provides access to all the video lessons, Q&A panel discussions, and printable PDFs of all lesson components—perfect for group study!

Priced at $499, Relationship University is an excellent discipleship tool that can be used by adults or young adults, study groups, and churches.

Please note that Charis Relationship University is not part of the Charis Bible College curriculum and, therefore, course completion does not count toward Charis Bible College credits.

To parents: Though Charis Relationship University will equip you to have age-appropriate discussions with your children, due to the sensitive nature of the content, it is not recommended for children younger than thirteen years old.


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