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Be Patient
  • sku K206-C
Patience is the process of believing God over a prolonged period of…
Be of Good Cheer
  • sku HT11-C
In Matthew 14, before the Lord stilled the storm or righted the…
Be a Doer of the Word
  • sku SK06-C
Knowing isn't doing. It's not the hearers but the doers who win.
Authority Comes from the Law
  • sku L15-C
All authority in the natural comes from laws. Police would be power…
Assuring Your Heart
  • sku K251-C
Assuring Your Heart
As I Have Loved You
  • sku 1077-C
You can't give away what you don't have, so before you can give...
Are You Satisfied with Jesus?
  • sku K81-C
Adam and Eve became dissatisfied with perfection. They believed…
Are You Listening to the Critics?
  • sku DE09-C
Paul told Timothy not to let others despise his youth. Was he…