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Authority Series

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Aggressive Authority
  • sku L17-C
Whether or not we have authority is not the only issue. The manner…
All Things Work Together for Good
  • sku L11-C
Andrew discusses the right and wrong uses of Romans 8:28, which say…
Authority Comes from the Law
  • sku L15-C
All authority in the natural comes from laws. Police would be power…
God's Not Guilty
  • sku L04-C
Is God the source of our problems? Andrew answers this through the…
How Does Satan Fight Us?
  • sku L14-C
Satan is not in direct conflict with God. That battle has already…
Law Enforcement
  • sku L22-C
A police officer doesn't make laws; they just enforce them. A law…
The Battle Is in Your Mind
  • sku L16-C
Our battle is not against external forces. Our battle with the…
The Book of Job
  • sku L07-C
Why did all the problems come upon Job? Where did they come from…
The Sovereignty of God
  • sku L03-C
God is sovereign in that He is all powerful and independent, but He…
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