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Christian Survival Kit

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Don't Panic - Believe
  • sku SK01-C
Emotions always surface in a crisis. Learn to control them instead…
Put Things in Perspective
  • sku SK02-C
Your problem can become a mountain or be reduced to an anthill…
Knowing God
  • sku SK03-C
A casual acquaintance with God isn't enough in times of trouble…
The Power of the Word of God
  • sku SK04-C
Under pressure we often look for a special intervention from God…
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • sku SK05-C
Praying in tongues and groaning in the Spirit: These are two vital…
Be a Doer of the Word
  • sku SK06-C
Knowing isn't doing. It's not the hearers but the doers who win.
Self-Centeredness: The Source of All Grief
  • sku SK07-C
Difficult situations have a way of revealing the heart. You can't...
Watch Your Tongue
  • sku SK08-C
Words have power. What are you releasing with yours, faith or…
Abiding in the Vine
  • sku SK09-C
What does it mean to abide in the vine? When you understand this…
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