What's in Your Hand

Little is much when God is in it; when God is your source, you will never see a lack in your life.

When you start giving and using what God has given you to bless others, you will see miraculous multiplication coming in and filling up the space left behind.

In Andrew's What’s in Your Hand? teaching, you'll:
• Learn about the power of giving through the story of Elisha and the widow in 2 Kings 4:1–7.
• Start acting and walking in faith to see how to make God your source for everything you need and want.
• Discover what you have in your hands, right now, that God can use to make your destiny come to pass.
• Find out how much God wants to bless you and how you can see that blessing come to fruition in your life.

It's time to start acting in faith. Order this life-changing teaching today!

CD album:

Audio CD
1 disc
Total runtime: 2 hr 22 min
Recorded at a live event

As-seen-on-TV DVD:
1 disc
TV Recording: Yes
5 TV show episodes
Total runtime: 2 hr 22 min

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