Destiny Stories: Volume 1

In this video, you will hear the true stories of seven ordinary people whose lives were completely transformed in the pursuit of their destinies. They came from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but with one common desire: They all longed to know their purpose in life.

The revelation of that purpose, combined with a willingness to take steps of faith, led each one into their individual, God-ordained destiny. As you watch, you will sense their fulfillment and joy, the kind that only comes when you know you are doing what God created you to do.

This DVD contains the following testimonies:

1. The Forgostons - A Father (Russ) and Son (David), along with David's wife, Judith, became missionaries in India
2. Leland Shores - Felt called to minister to the people in Uganda (Africa)
3. Nicola Appelbe - Felt led to start Hope for Tomorrow, a ministry that reaches out to orphans and elderly in Russia, Kyrgyzstan
4. Mike & Carrie Pickett - Carrie found her husband, Mike during the time she was directing the Charis school in St. Petersburg, Russia

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