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Where Do We Go From Here? Lessons From the 2020 Elections

Format: DVD Album - As Seen on TV
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Product Description

How could millions of people vote for candidates in the 2020 U.S. elections who supported ungodly policies? What can believers do in response to make a positive impact on our world? Trusted Bible scholar Andrew Wommack answers these important questions in his newest teaching, Where Do We Go From Here? Lessons From the 2020 Elections.

Through this teaching, Andrew explains:
- How this U.S. election cycle affects people all around the world
- Whether Christians should talk about political policies
- What church leadership needs to do differently to positively influence society
- How believers can be salt and light to the world

In addition to Andrew’s teaching on lessons from the elections, this product also includes two powerful panel discussions:
- The America on the Brink panel discussion that took place at the 2020 Summer Family Bible Conference with Andrew Wommack, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Tony Perkins, Gen. Jerry Boykin, William “Bill” Federer, and Janet Boynes.
-The Values Voter Summit panel discussion on race relations with Andrew Wommack, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and historian David Barton.

Format: DVD album
Number of Disks: 4
TV Recording: Yes
Number of TV Show Episodes: 8; and 2 panel discussions
Closed Captioning included


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