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Life for Today Gospels Edition

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Product Description

Andrew Wommack devoted six years to the creation of his Life for Today Gospels Edition book. The Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—are arranged in chronological order and give a clear understanding of the life of Jesus.

This study Bible with Andrew's commentary is a powerful resource. When you understand God's Word, you can begin taking action by applying the same truths in your own life.

The book includes access to Bible dictionaries, commentaries, Hebrew and Greek definitions, and more. It is an extensive study that will change how you experience the Gospels.

In Life for Today Gospels Edition, you'll:
- Dive into a deeper study on the life of Jesus.
- Get a side-by-side parallel presentation of the Gospels with the words of Jesus in red.
- Have access to a concordance, scripture references, translation clarification, and over 1,200 footnotes. Plus, receive seventy-four pages of supplemental study aids.

- Format: Hardbound book
- Pages: 581
- Biblical text font size: 8 pt.
- Commentary sections font size: 7 pt.


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