Lessons from Joseph

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball? Imagine receiving two promising dreams from God about the future, only to be thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, wrongfully accused, and then tossed into prison. This is what happened to Joseph, yet his character and integrity propelled him to the top. Maybe you’re feeling defeated and uncertain about how to get to the place God has called you to be. Don’t struggle alone—let the life of Joseph equip you with the wisdom you need to succeed!

Key Features:

This teaching will help you:

 • Live a life of integrity, even when no one’s watching
 • Do everything as unto the Lord and not to man
 • Recognize that true prosperity is found only in Christ
 • Uncover the dream God has placed in your heart

Benefits: Bypass the school of hard knocks and skip learning the hard way! Discover how to rise in every circumstance directly from Joseph’s life.

Who Is It For? If you’re ready to move from the pit to the palace and to be prepared to step into the high calling God has placed on your life, then this teaching is for you!

Why Choose This Product? You are going to experience ups and downs in your journey, just like Joseph did. Why struggle to learn life’s lessons on your own when Scripture can light your path? Don’t do it the hard way—choose God’s way and glean wisdom from the life of Joseph.

Customer Reviews:

Lessons from Joseph has been amazing, to say the least. I thank God for the amazing revelation given to Andrew!! This teaching series has been mind blowing, and I appreciate the wisdom found in these nuggets of truth. Thank you for sharing them with us!!

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I love the depth of what Andrew draws out of the Word of God. Thank you so much.


This has been a most fantastic teaching. I ordered it on DVD and plan on going over it again.


Quotations edited for clarity.

Duration: 6 hours and 24 minutes

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