Christian Philosophy

Have you ever considered whether your way of thinking aligns with the Bible on topics like abortion, homosexuality, and evolution? Many Christians have unknowingly drifted from the anchor of biblical truth. Andrew Wommack's Christian Philosophy will guide you to realign your perspectives and challenge you to compare your philosophy with God's Word. Rediscover the depth of your convictions in light of biblical truth with this thought-provoking teaching.

Key Features:

This teaching will help you:

• Make the Bible the filter through which you view your life
• Confront societal issues armed with the Word of God
• Discover the path to forgiveness and restoration from sin
• Stand firm on truth and avoid being swayed by every circumstance

Benefits: Learn how you can change your thinking and the trajectory of your life by simply believing the Word of God.

Who Is It For? If you're seeking clarity regarding the impact of your beliefs or you feel vulnerable to today's cultural issues, this teaching will help you anchor your thinking on the truth of God's Word.

Why Choose This Product? Equip yourself to recognize and guard against subtle deception by aligning your thoughts with the Word. Be prepared to answer anyone who asks you the reason for the hope within you (1 Pet. 3:15).

Language: English
Duration: 21 hours and 22 minutes

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