Plain as Dirt

How would your life change if you committed yourself to God's Word? The Word of God is the most essential thing you need in your life, both spiritually and physically. Learn how to let God's Word change your life for the better through Andrew's teaching Plain as Dirt.

Dirt may seem plain and ordinary, but from it, miracles are brought forth. From this life-changing teaching, you'll discover:
-Valuable insights into how to study the Bible
-How to plant God's Word in your heart
-That God's Word is an incorruptible seed that can bring forth miracles in your life
-How to identify what type of “ground” your heart is
-The difference it makes when you plant God's Word in good ground

Total Runtime: 4 hours 45 minutes
Number of Disks: 2
TV Recording: Yes
Number of TV Show Episodes: 10

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