Don't Limit God: Twenty Years Later

You have an image on the inside of you—an image of who you are and what you can do. That image is also a ceiling, or limit, on what God can do in your life. It may shock you to learn that the limits you have placed on Him are directly proportional to how you see yourself.

If you're not prospering, if you're not receiving healing, if your relationships are not working, the first thing you need to do is change how you imagine yourself on the inside. Andrew's latest teaching Don't Limit God: 20 Years Later will help!

In this transformational message, you'll learn:
- That your imagination is far more important than you ever realized
- How the image you have of yourself impacts your life
- How Andrew discovered twenty years ago that he was limiting what God could do through him
- The remarkable difference it made when Andrew decided to take the limits off God
- How your life can change for the better when you take the limits off God

Total Run Time: 7 hours 7 minutes
Number of Disks: 3 disks
TV Recording: Yes
Number of TV Show Episodes: 15

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