Jesus' Farewell Address

When a crisis emerges, how do you respond? Prior to His crucifixion, Jesus imparted timeless truths and invaluable instructions to His disciples, equipping them to navigate the coming storm. Dive into the wisdom of Jesus' final teachings in this verse-by-verse study of John 14, 15, and 16. Discover how to remain steadfast and unyielding in the face of adversity, regardless of what challenges may arise.

Key Features:

This teaching will help you:

  • Control your emotions: Learn to not let your heart be troubled (John 14:1).
  • Understand the Holy Spirit's role: Get to know the Spirit as your divine Comforter, Teacher, and Helper.
  • Experience lasting peace: Find true rest by abiding in Jesus, the True Vine.

Benefits: Understand how to stop living life up and down like a yo-yo. Anchor yourself in the foundational truths Jesus shared with His disciples and withstand every challenge with strength and resilience.

Who Is It For? Believers who want victory in life will treasure this teaching. This study holds the key to strengthening your relationship with the Lord so you can thrive in every season of life.

Why Choose This Product? Jesus' final instructions before the crucifixion hold wisdom that is as relevant today as it was back then to His disciples. God wants you to receive insight from these powerful truths, leading you to experience unwavering emotional stability in Him.

Year teaching was recorded: 2024

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