The Gospel Truth Discipleship Collection

Do you want to accelerate your spiritual growth? Maturity takes time, but you can absorb a massive amount of biblical wisdom and revelation with just one purchase. The Gospel Truth Discipleship Collection is a powerful resource with 23 easy-to-read booklets by Andrew Wommack on an array of biblical topics. Whether you're a new or seasoned believer, these study materials will help guide you in your Christian walk, mature your faith, and equip you for life!

Booklets Included:
 1.    Four Basics of Hearing God's Voice
 2.    Goodwill Toward Men: An Introduction to The War Is Over
 3.    Insights into Faith
 4.    10 Reasons It's Better to Have the Holy Spirit
 5.    Introduction to A Better Way to Pray
 6.    Introduction to Four Essential Elements of Christian Maturity
 7.    Introduction to Lessons from Joseph
 8.    Introduction to The Faith of God
 9.    Introduction to The True Nature of God
 10. Introduction to The Believer's Authority
 11. The Power of Partnership
 12. Self-Centeredness: The Source of All Grief
 13. Seven Steps to Victory
 14. Ten Godly Leadership Essentials
 15. You Are Plain as Dirt — What Type of Soil Is Your Heart?
 16. What Does the Bible Say About Hell?
 17. Are You Satisfied with Jesus?
 18. Eternal Life
 19. Introduction to Lessons from Elijah
 20. My Appointment with God
 21. The Birth of a Vision
 22. What Is Truth?
 23. What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered

   Average Page Count: 26–68

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