Biblical Worldview: Racism

Today, people are desperate for meaningful conversations about race. Yet race has been a topic of conversation for more than four hundred years. Racism isn't the real problem our country is facing. The real problem is the human problem: sin.

Biblical Worldview: Racism, the fourth installment in the Biblical Worldview curriculum, will prepare you to stand on the truth of God's Word and the facts of America's history in the face of challenging discussions on the controversial topic of racism.

It is made up of twelve power-packed video lessons that include ten instructor lessons and two roundtable discussions. It's perfect for individual or group study.

In Racism, Andrew Wommack, Abraham Hamilton III, Alex McFarland, E.W. Jackson, David Barton, Tim Barton, and William "Bill" Federer uncover the truths of America's history surrounding race, including how Bible-believing Christians fought against the evils of slavery, progressivism's role in racism, why the current discourse around race helps no one, and much more.

In the Biblical Worldview: Racism multimedia curriculum, you will:
   - Discover a part of history that isn't commonly known or currently taught in schools or via mainstream media.
   - Debunk myths about racism and confirm what God says about the human race.
   - Learn how enslavement of ethnic groups isn't a new concept—or a uniquely American one.
   - Explore biblical and historical examples of racism that identify its root cause.
   - Identify false narratives and learn to respond effectively to reveal God's love for all people.
   - Hear a group of seven subject-matter experts openly discuss common arguments and questions about racism.
   - Equip and empower yourself and others against racism and defend your faith with confidence!

Satan has used racism as a tool to dehumanize people, setting people groups against each other, and causing pain and disunity through generation after generation. But God's Word stands against the notion that any one people group is by nature inferior to another or deserving of exploitation. As Christians, we need to stand up for what the Word says!

*Each Biblical Worldview installment is sold separately.

Technical features:
Format: 1 multimedia curriculum containing:
1 curriculum guide
1 audio USB drive
Access code for online curriculum platform with videos and printable PDFs of all 12 lessons

Release Date: March 2023

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